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Payday Advance

Payday Advance

Most budget concious Singaporeans opt for Korean cars over ( the cheaper ) Malaysian cars. Many Perodua owners in Singapore appear to be strangely fanatical, often adding modifications and whatnot to improve the looks of their cars ( as you may observe in the photos below ). Small volumes of Perodua payday loan online are sold here in Brunei. Despite the small market size, many Perodua cars have been sold here over the past few years. Perodua Kancil in Brunei, with another Kancil and a Proton Persona in the background, 2012Perodua cars are sold in Payday loan online.

Cyprus is cash loans a crucial market for Perodua. However, only a small number of Peroduas are sold here. Mauritius is another core Perodua market. Perodua is somewhat successful here, despite the small market size. Egypt is a major market for Perodua. Egyptian Perodua owners seem to be highly enthusiastic payday loan online their cars, as you may deduce from the photos below. Syria is a crucial market for Perodua. Lebanon is another important market for Perodua. Nepal is another small market for Perodua.

Sri Lanka is a minor but crucial market for Perodua. Perodua does business in Indonesia through its business associate, Daihatsu. The little Japanese company also provides models for the Malaysian market, which are then rebadged and altered under the Perodua name. However, this is not the case in Indonesia. Here, the new Perodua MyVi is rebadged under the Daihatsu name and sold as the Daihatsu Sirion. The external appearance is identical to the Perodua MyVi sold in Malaysia.

Thanks to the Daihatsu badge, the MyVi ( or the Sirion ) sells well in the market. In my honest opinion, I find the existence of Perodua quite irrelevant. In my eyes, Perodua exists simply as a form of circumvention for import taxes imposed on Daihatsu and Toyota cars in Malaysia.

In other words, Perodua exists only for the sake of profits and blind national pride. Some will argue that the later Proton cars from 2000 to 2006 lacked in quality, which is true for the most part.

Since Perodua cars are mostly Japanese made, quality and reliability is higher than that of Proton. Syed Mohamed Tahir in 2006, Proton took a swift turn cash loans in the right direction. Perodua, which depended heavily on Daihatsu experienced a drop in sales due to supply disruptions caused by the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake crisis.

The moral of the story. Perseverance and a progressive mindset wins at the end of the day. I cannot think highly enough of Perodua, with their old, incompetent way of thinking. Likewise, I do not hail Proton either. However, my respect for Proton has grown over the years. The way I look at it, Perodua only sits and waits for orders from big brother Daihatsu in Japan. Daihatsu does all the work, while Perodua slaps on their badge and a new bumper or two. If and when Daihatsu goes down under, Perodua will suffer inevitably, without the external support.

This theory has been proven during the 2011 Japanese Earthquake crisis. I feel Proton is doing the morally right thing, by making their own cars as opposed to badge engineering Mitsubishi cars likes they did in the past. If the majority of Perodua cars are home grown, I would totally support Perodua without second thoughts, even if one or two models are rebadged Daihatsus. However, I doubt Perodua will ever make their own cars.

The company will forever suffer from an identity crisis, and will without a doubt fail to distinguish itself from the crowd of manufacturers on the international level. Alternatively, Proton and Perodua could be integrated into a single entity for better results.

This has been the case with Hyundai and Kia of South Korea. Today, the two brands are among the most successful in the world, even more so than Japanese and European brands. I do not wish to sound biased by supporting only Proton and not Perodua.

They are trying to make their own cars, to compete not only in Malaysia, but on an international level as well.

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